IV Vitamin



A great part of wellness has to do with how you are handling day-to-day pressures and how your mind can cope with all the changes taking place in your life. We offer individual counseling for any life stressors that you might be facing and finding it difficult to cope with. We are available to work through coping mechanisms with you. We also offer relationship/couple sessions, pre- marital and marriage counseling.

Pre-surgical and Post-surgical Counseling

Going for a surgical procedure and not sure what to expect? I’m available to ease your anxiety and explain to you the procedure, expectations as well as possible side effects. Wondering how long it will take to heal? I have that information as well. I’ve got your back.


Counseling (1 Hour)

Pre + Post Surgical Counseling (20 Minutes)

Medical Advice (20 Minutes)

R600 Per Session

Pre + Post Surgical Counseling R450

Medical Advice R500

Benefits of vitamin therapy

Increase Immunity

Feel Energised

Boost Immune System

All-in-one cocktail drip

Feel Refreshed



Electrolyte Imbalance